Rustenburg Granite

South Africa’s greater Rustenburg district, in the Pilanesburg region have been largely successful in the mining, cutting and supply of granite globally since the1950’s.

Its high quality, granite-rich quarries has given this region a global reputation for its high quality granite.

Essentially, quarrying occurs within a massive volcanic plane that has left a legacy of enormous mineral wealth. The area lies within the famed Bushveld Igneous Complex, home to the world’s largest reserves of platinum group metals, plus there are allied deposits of massive potential, such as vanadium. In fact, this is the Earth’s largest layered intrusion of its kind, divided by past geological surveys into the north, west, east and south limbs.

The Rustenburg Layered Suite, a basic plutonic phase of the intrusion, occurs within this multi-faceted geological mix. It is within this zone that some of the world’s best granite dimension stone products are mined, from a rich source that has been lying dormant for more than two billion years.

 The 20 ton blocks are cut from the granite shelf and moved to the cutting plant for processing where the get cut into 3m slabs, ready for market.

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