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Be the first and only in your area.  TWSA has created a franchise opportunity in the lucrative tombstone industry for you.

Are you passionate about being a business owner but never found the right opportunity? Are you ambitious and self-driven to succeed? Do you have entrepreneurial flair and a desire to be lead your own team with a solid support framework? Retrenched? Do you have cash stagnating in a bank or investment policy? Invest in business with limitless potential and take control of your future. This game changing franchise opportunity is available in a variety of locations. Contact Us and find out how you could become a successful part of our brand.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Henry David Thoreau

The SA Government has realised that a healthy economy receives a contribution of at least 33% towards the total GDP from entrepreneurs and SME’s. Using this, along with the drive to close the inequality gap, government has made available various grants, schemes and funding programmes to assist previously disadvantaged South Africans, and to help them enter the entrepreneurial SME space.

The typical TWSA franchisee therefore would not need to approach commercial banks and

 institutions, which usually require collateral, deposits, and various guarantees, but rather, through a selection process apply for funding, without collateral or deposit. The process is cumbersome though, and those that can afford to procure the franchise without funding, would prefer to do so. It does however leave the door open to assistance from the government, to give all entrepreneurs the equal opportunity to enter the SME space. This is true for those that would like to own 100% of their store and has the drive to start the journey from the bottom up.


 Alternatively, another empowerment opportunity exists. We have investors who would not like to follow our “owner-operator” business model and who would love the opportunity to empower someone to be the “owner-operator”, to ensure the success of the enterprise. Such individual would provide the PDI the opportunity, offer them 30% or 40% share in the business and book the share value against a loan account. The PDI can then payback the loan amount from profit share, until settled and enjoy the benefit.

For any franchise enquiries in KZN & the Eastern Cape, please contact our franchise head office.

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